ABOUT the Ripperoo's®

The Ripperoo’s® promote healthy adventure and physical play.  They inspire and fuel imaginations. In a world of devices, let’s get active, adventure often and play more!

ADVENTURE   Walk, talk, hike, bike, ski, board and PLAY someplace fun. The Ripperoo's® love ADVENTURE and stick to your backpack, helmet, bike, walls, windows, car seats and more!

IMAGINE Express yourself in new and imaginative ways! Decorate and adorn your Ripperoo® character with fun and expressive patches.

COLLECT  Every Ripperoo® has a SECRET label and identity! Rip it open to reveal your character's name, family and rarity.

Want to experience plush in exciting new ways?  Ripperoo’s are perfect for youoo's!

The Ripperoo’s are everything that you expect from a plush toy, but they are so much more! The Ripperoo’s are Plush that Plays! 


Behind the Ripperoo's is a start-up toy company called RipFISH, llc.  RipFISH and the Ripperoo's are the brainchild of Bret and Nicole Hawkins out of Denver, CO. 

Our plush toys help kids and adults play more.  Our plush toys help kids They are the FIRST stuffed animals to removably attach decorative and fun patches anywhere on their body.  They are the FIRST stuffed animals that will attach to a wall, backpack, RipBOARD display, and even a ski helmet. They are super fun and kids simply can't get enough!

Thank you for supporting a start-up company and true toy innovation.  

Inquiries and Legal

RipFISH, llc and the Ripperoo's are pre-revenue and we are working with limited "friends and family" capital/funding. 

The Ripperoo® stuffed animals are protected under U.S. Patent No. 11,192,042.  This Patent is public domain and can be accessed on the USPTO.gov website.

Trademarks include:  Ripperoo®, RipBOARD®, RipTAG®, RipHEAD®, Plush that Plays

For INVESTOR or partnership inquires please contact Bret at Bret@Ripperoos.com.

For RETAIL inquiries please use the same Bret@Ripperoos.com.