Collecting Ripperoo's

 Accidental vs. Intentional Toy Collecting

Think back to some of your favorite toys growing up.  Consider how much better your experience could have been had the toy company built a Collection SYSTEM to organize and modernize your toy journey.  

The Ripperoo® brand of stuffed animals are carefully built from the ground up to be INTENTIONALLY collectible!  

RipTAG® = Identity Innovation 

Every Ripperoo® stuffed toy has a hidden and patented RipTAG® label that gives each character a unique identity.  The RipTAG® is made of fabric and is permanently sewn-on.  This is a significant improvement over traditional bulky, awkward, and perishable paper hand-tags found on everyday plush toys. 



"Intentional" Collection System

The Ripperoo® brand of toys has a thoughful and very intentional collection system that is 100% transparent.  It starts with the permanent RipTAG® label that conveys the following: 

1) Basic Ripperoo® information like... Character Name, Kind, Family, Release Date and Endangered Status. 

2) NTE "Not to Exceed" number of characters that COULD be manufactured. 

3) A Ripperoo® character will NEVER exceed the published NTE.  The character may have a smaller number manufactured, but never more.


Ripperoo® LAUNCH Characters

The Ripperoo® launch plan includes Super Rare editions of the first ever Ripperoo® characters!  These Super Rare editions will only be available to early subscribers on IndieGoGo.  Please follow this LINK to IndieGoGo and get your name on the list.