Retail Stores WANTED!

RipFISH, llc. is based out of Denver, CO.  The Ripperoo® Brand of stuffed toys helps YOUR STORE capture MORE retail wallet share.  Our stuffed toys are 100% different than the plush sitting on your shelves today.  Here's how:

NO Shelves!

The Ripperoo's do NOT sit on shelves!  Instead, the Ripperoo's uniquely STICK to your walls, windows, registers and our custom displays.  It is eye-catching, fun, and interactive.  Families will actively engage with the Ripperoo's and spend more time in your store.  More Time Spent = More Impulse Spend.

We are happy to work with your store to build custom displays (made of display loop and hook fabric) that cohesively maximizes your available retail space, colors and design.  This is a photo is ROUGH proof of concept.  

Accessory Sales

The Ripperoo's are designed to FUNctionally attach specialty patches.  These could be our bulk hearts, stars, sports patches, or they can be custom patches from your city, region or state.  Does your store have a fun logo?  Are you selling "Austin-Weird" stickers?  We will make these into patches that will stick to our displays and to the Ripperoo's.  This is a great way to increase wallet share.  


Change is hard.  You have long relationships with other cool plush companies and sales are servicable.  On the other side of that coin, the Ripperoo's represent change and opportunity. It's time for something new and innovative in your store.  Join the Ripperoo® revolution and let's partner together to make plush fun again.

 Please email to get started.