The Story So Far...

There is considerable mystery surrounding the sudden existence of the Ripperoo’s.  We know that in the year 2022, Ripperoo’s began to appear.  Here, there, local malls, gift shops, airports, resorts… the Ripperoo’s are INVADING the world of stuffed toys!  Do not be alarmed.  This invasion is SUPER CUTE!  The Ripperoo’s have proven to be friendly and loving to those with enough room in their heart and homes

The Ripperoo’s are similar to living organisms and animals of our world, but there are rumors of Ripperoo characters who mimic the extinct and fabled creatures of our wildest imaginations... Unicorns, Yeti's, and even Dragons! 

Some have said that the Ripperoo’s are genetic clones, or possibly reincarnates from another time or place.  One theory claims the Ripperoo’s are from a friendly parallel universe.  Research will continue, and someday we will find out, for certain, how the Ripperoo’s came to be.

The Ripperoo’s love activity and adventure.  They seek out like-minded, loyal and life-long partners who share their passion for the outdoors and fun!  Each Ripperoo has the special, and almost magical, ability to attach, and attach to almost anything.  They will insist on STICKING with YOU on all of your adventures!

It is interesting that while super cute Ripperoo’s now exist, not all characters are thriving in our world.  Some are struggling to adapt and need extra attention and love.  These Ripperoo’s have an uncertain “Status” in our world.  Protections must be put in place to keep some Ripperoo characters from disappearing completely.

There is no denying a higher force is at work.  Ripperoo’s are being systematically released into our world, and they need your help to provide a happy, healthy and loving home.


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